Every PhD project within the IRTG 1830 is supervised by a team of two local PIs from the University of Kaiserslautern and Saarland University, respectively and one from the partner University in Canada (guidance committee). Together with his/her guidance committee each trainee formulates a cooperation agreement based on the recommendations of the DFG defining duties of both sides (e.g. tentative topic of planned thesis, mutual consent upon the mandatory teaching elements, frequency and contents of the progress meetings, adequate supervision during visits to the partner institution abroad).


Furthermore, the cooperation agreement contains individual qualification/career-plans for the doctoral students covering the selection of soft skill courses most suitable to career aspirations, the best time and location for a research visit, and hints concerning the most suitable conferences etc.


In order to foster a group of researchers with national and international contacts in biological and medical research as well as in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries we have established a special mentoring program for our students. With the help of the responsible supervisors and/or the scientific coordinator, each new candidate selects a mentor either from Industry or University, depending on the aspired career. From this program we expect constructive and positive relationships between the early-stage researchers and their mentors in order to set the conditions for efficient transfer of knowledge and for the further successful development of the careers of our trainees.