This page contains a list of upcoming events of the IRTG 1830. 

IRTG 1830 specific events are also listed in the calendar of the Competence Center of Molecular Medicine (COMM) hosted by the Faculty of Medicine of the Saarland University. The COMM calendar also includes events from other DFG funded research programmes and from the environment.

Upcoming Events

Date / Time Location Type Speaker Title
04/26/21 / 5.15 pm Online Biological Colloquium Dr. Chavdar Slavov, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main Natural and artificial photochromic systems – a molecular toolbox for bio- and nanotechnology
05/03/21 / 5.15 pm Online Biological Colloquium Prof. Dr. Amir Sharon, Universität Tel Aviv Botrytis cinerea Necrosis Inducing Proteins (NIPs): Effectors? Elicitors? (virulence) Factors?
05/04/21 / 5.30-6.30 pm Online Methodological Seminar Dr. Julia Schweizer, Agilent Technologies/BioTek Instruments GmbH The Multi-faceted Assays Enabled with Cytation Technology - An Advanced Tool for Smarter Target-Based, Phenotypic Research & Seahorse Normalization
05/10/21 / 5.15 pm Online Biological Colloquium Dr. Susanne Zehner, TUK Antrittsvorlesung im Rahmen einer Um-Habilitation: Thermometer in Bakterien- Wie Mikroorganismen die Temperatur messen
05/17/21 / 5.15 pm Online Biological Colloquium Prof. Dr. Doron Rapaport, Universität Tübingen Cellular logistics - How cells deliver proteins to the mitochondrial outer membrane
06/21/21 / 5.15 pm Online Biological Colloquium Stefan Bassler, EMBL Heidelberg, Systems Microbiology, Typas group, hosted by Junior-GBM KL Modulating the effects of human-targeted drugs on the gut microbiome with natural compounds
07/05/21 / 5.15 pm Online Biological Colloquium Dr. Thomas A. Wilding, The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), Oban, UK 3D photogrammetry and automated marine life identification – concepts, opportunities and challenges
07/19/21 / 5.15 pm Online Biological Colloquium Prof. Dr. Marc Freichel, Pharmakologisches Institut der Universität Heidelberg, hosted by Junior-GBM KL tba
Summer 2021 tba 7. Colloquium & 3. Trainee Retreat German members of the IRTG 1830 Recent results and evaluation