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Wednesday, 12/08/2021

Another 4 doctorates successfully completed


Keerthana Ravichandran (AG Jens Rettig) "Characterization of flower splice variants for regulation of CG endocytosis in primary mouse cytotoxic T lymphocytes", December 8, 2021

Anne K├Ânnel (AG Katrin Philippar) "Molecular analysis of fatty acid transporters in plant cells", November 24, 2021

Mona Knapp (AG Barbara Niemeyer) "A new STIM1 splice variant alters store operated calcium entry",   November 12, 2021

Gurleen Khandpur (AG Bruce Morgan, UdS) "Investigating the mechanism of cellular toxicity during aberrant branched-chain", September 3, 2021


We thank you for your valuable contribution and wish you all the best for your professional and private  future.