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Tuesday, 06/05/2018

Four undergraduates from the UofA currently join the IRTG

We wish a pleasent and prosperous stay in Germany!

Since 2014, the IRTG 1830 has regularly participated in the Research Abroad Program for Undergraduate Students at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and supervises students in various laboratories from IRTG-PIs for about 6 weeks (usually from early May to mid-June). This year we welcomed four students:
Adam Green (hosted by Prof. Flockerzi in Homburg), Ivy Porter (hosted by Prof. Herrmann in Kaiserslautern), Mackenzie Smith (hosted by Prof. Neuhaus in Kaiserslautern) and Ayodeji Kulepa (hosted by Prof. Keller in Kaiserslautern). We wish a pleasent and successfull stay in Germany and thank the four PIs for their efforts.