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Thursday, 04/13/2017

MD/PhD Program of the Faculty of Medicine at Saarland University

Most of the events are open for our IRTG trainees.

The  Faculty of Medicine at Saarland University offers an international MD/PhD program with lectures, workshops and seminars in English language. The program includes many interesting topics to boost your career, e.g. seminars on Cell culture, Excel, CRISPR-Cas9, Imaging techniques or workshops on "How to write a paper" or "Grant application". For details, please visit http://www.uniklinikum-saarland.de/lehre/dekanat/akademische_angelegenheiten/promotion/md_phd_programm/ or http://www.irtg1830.com/training/career-skills-seminars/. Unless otherwise indicated in the schedule, the program is also open for IRTG trainees.