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Thursday, 04/04/2019

Poster prize winners

Congratulations to Anne, Lina & Janina!

Due to the kind donations of our PIs, we were able to announce poster prizes during our latest IRTG Colloquium. Since all posters were nearly excellent, a final decision by the poster prize committee (Kathrin, Sven and Gabi) was really difficult. Finally, the winners were:

  • 1st prize: Anne Grethen (Keller group)
    "Purification of GPCRs using amphiphilic polymers"
  • 2nd prize: Wassilina Bugaeva (Philippar group)
    "Physiological analysis of plastid fatty acid export proteins FAX2 and FAX3 in A. thaliana"
  • 3rd prize: Janina Laborenz (Herrmann group)
    Ema19 is involved in the ER mediated targeting of mitochondrial proteins"