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Friday, 08/09/2019

Publication on hearing ability of mammals

Congratulations to the authors, esp. to our former trainee Isabelle.

One reason of the evolutionary success of mammals is surely also their excellent hearing ability. During their development, they have conquered frequency ranges for their communication that were not audible for their predators. Isabelle Lang, PhD student in the Biophysics department of Prof. Jutta Engel and member of the IRTG 1830, has now discovered a reason for this good hearing ability and has thus added another building block to the complicated puzzle of the sense of hearing. In her doctoral thesis, she was able to prove the existence of a protein that is jointly responsible for the hearing advantage by playing a central role in the processing of stimuli in the auditory cells. The scientist was thus able to answer a question that had been puzzling research groups all over the world for years. Her findings are now published in “The FASEB Journal”. (Foto: Thorsten Mohr)

Lang I, Jung M, Niemeyer BA, Ruth P & Engel J (2019) Expression of the LRRC52 γ subunit (γ2) may provide Ca2+-independent activation of BK currents in mouse inner hair cells. FASEB Journal, published online: 26 Jul 2019, DOI 10.1096/fj.201900701RR

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