Exchange of PhD students

As part of the IRTG 1830 training program, IRTG Trainees will visit Canada at least six months (preferably at a stretch), to carry out research in a partner laboratory, with travel and living expenses paid for by the IRTG.

To facilitate organisational details, Trainees have to complete the Canada Research Experience - Trainee Application Form (including a short proposal describing the planned research in Canada). Completed proposals must be received in the IRTG 1830 Coordination Office at least two months prior to the trip

Joanne Lemieux will act as liaison between the UofA and German IRTG students travelling to Edmonton.

Currently, Cameron Smithers (Lemieux`s lab) is head of the MPDRG student association and he will take care of the social integration of German Trainees during their stays in Edmonton.

Please note that a report, summarizing the research experience in relation to the objectives outlined in the proposal, will need to be submitted to the IRTG 1830 Coordination Office not later than one month following the return from Canada.


The following documents, links and hints will assist you during the planning phase of your research stay:

  • Practical Guides for our Graduates Visting Edmonton
    Our trainees who visited Edmonton for a collaborative project and Trainees from the UofA wrote up practical guides and hints for students who plan to visit Edmonton. You have to be logged in to view these documents.